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gh-pagesdocs: Update manual to fix changelog formattingArseny Kapoulkine2 years
masterdocs: Mention that node is a container of children in ranged for sectionArseny Kapoulkine2 years
mingwAdd support for MinGW builds on AppVeyorArseny Kapoulkine3 years
short-wcharFixArseny Kapoulkine3 years
v1.9commit 8436f2a69b...Arseny Kapoulkine2 years
v1.8.1commit d2deb420bc...Arseny Kapoulkine4 years
latestcommit 91bf70231a...Arseny Kapoulkine4 years
v1.8commit 91bf70231a...Arseny Kapoulkine4 years
v1.7commit 0c8024920f...Arseny Kapoulkine5 years
v1.6commit 9b8553bf4b...Arseny Kapoulkine5 years
v1.5commit ff16dbdd4c...Arseny Kapoulkine6 years
v1.4commit 9f92eeba44...Arseny Kapoulkine6 years
v1.2commit a9a537ad40...arseny.kapoulkine@gmail.com8 years
v1.0commit a049c2db1d...arseny.kapoulkine10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-05-17docs: Mention that node is a container of children in ranged for sectionHEADmasterArseny Kapoulkine
2018-04-27Move CMake build postfix setup behind an off-by-default USE_POSTFIXArseny Kapoulkine
2018-04-15Clarify comment in get_strconv_pcdata as wellArseny Kapoulkine
2018-04-15Clarify comment in get_strconv_attributeArseny Kapoulkine
2018-04-12Update README.mdArseny Kapoulkine
2018-04-12scripts: Use LICENSE file in pugixml.podspecArseny Kapoulkine
2018-04-11Suffixes for different build types (#191)Alexander Straub
2018-04-11Add brief license information back to README.mdArseny Kapoulkine
2018-04-11Split LICENSE to a separate file for easier distributionBruno Pagani
2018-04-09cmake: always install the pkg-config file (#193)Eli Schwartz