articles.gitDrumGizmo related articles. 3 years
dgedit.gitQt based editor for DrumGizmo drumkits 5 years
dginabox.gitDG in a box project (yocto, rpi) 5 years
drumgizmo.gitThe DrumGizmo virtual drummer project. 13 months
getoptpp.gitMirror of 3 years
hugin.gitLogging framework 3 years
kits.gitDrumGizmo drumkit project files (no audio) 3 years
lodepng.gitMirror of 5 years
meta-drumgizmo.gitYocto overlay for the dg-in-a-box project 5 years
plugingizmo.gitThis repository contains plugin wrapper classes used by DrumGizmo. 3 years
pugixml.gitMirror for 5 years
pugl.gitMirror of 5 years
uunit.gituUnit (micro-Unit) minilistic unit-test frame-work. 24 months
zita-resampler.gitMirror of zita-resampler from 4 years